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Pokemon Emeral Version

Game Boy Advance (GBA)

1992 Nintendo Campus Challenge Title Screen Background

Made from screen
shots of the game.

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Origional Game Boy System



  • Game Boy - the state of the art compact video game system for portable, hand-held video action!

  • Completely self-contained, Game Boy features patented Nintendo controls - cross key joystick, A, B, start and select buttons, plus screen contrast and volume control.

  • Powerful CPU and Micro-processors allow complex, scrolling backgrounds, hundreds of images, and exciting play.

  • Tetris game pak, stereo earphones and batteries included.

  • Also includes Video Link cable for simultaneous multiple player competition.

  • Interchangeable game paks.

  • This is the new generation of video game play - it's Game Boy.


Many Game Boy titles offer Video Link for head to head competition on the same game. The connecting cable allows hand-held, multi-player competition.



Portable, Color, Fun!

Game Boy, the world's most popular portable video game system, offers endless entertainment for players of all skill levels. The new, compact Game Boy Color system travels anywhere. Enjoy the library of over 450 original games in enhanced color or play new Game Boy Color games in brilliant color. Escape into a world of exciting color!

  • Full color screen display (only with new Game Boy Color games)

  • Play over 450 Games -- Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Sports and Role-Playing -- in enhanced color

  • Convenient, compact size

  • Built-in infrared communication port

  • Two AA batteries included

The Legend of Zelda Box Cover Front


Origional Game Boy System



Game Boy Advance -- Pick it up and feel the power of the most advanced handheld gaming system ever, in an eye-popping portable package. With a bigger screen, brighter colors, bolder graphics and digitized stereo sound, it's not just new - it's a new generation!

  • Get set for an all-new generation of games powered by the world's first 32-bit handheld!

  • Plays all the Game Boy and Game Boy Color games you already own!

  • New- wide-screen format with higher resolution and brilliant color for dazzling, detailed graphics!

  • Use the Game Link cable to link up with other Game Boy Advance systems, and play 4-player games on 4 different screens. (Game Boy Advance Game Link cable sold separately.)